Online Interactive p-H and T-s Diagram

An online interactive refrigerant pressure-enthalpy(p-H) and temperature-entropy(T-s) diagram tool for HVAC-R engineers.


Orbiting Rotor Compressor

Compressors consume 30%~40% electricity globally. Any Improvement for compressor is meaningful to our environment. We dedicate to make a new kind of compressor that is more efficient, low cost, quiet and flow adjustable. Our compressor is designed with an orbital(or translating) rotor which is engaged with shell to form compression chamber without extra precision adjustment. Aimed to replace some piston, screw and scroll type compressor. Working Principle

Update - A new radial compliance design that can balance the fluid force from any given radial direction, and a design that can balance the fluid torque to the rotor to ensures the minimum leakage and friction loss, are under testing.


Online Interactive Psychrometric Chart

How about our design tools? This time, a WORLD'S FIRST & FREE online psychrometric chart. A convenient, precise and powerful psychrometric chart & calculator tool for HVAC engineers.