Compressors consume 30%~40% electricity globally. Any Improvement for compressor is meaningful to our environment. We dedicate to make a new kind of compressor that is more efficient, low cost, quiet and flow adjustable.

Our compressor uses an orbital(or translating) rotor. Without reciprocal motion it runs fast and quiet. The orbital motion has a very low friction speed, so this compressor can ran much fast and its size can be reduced remarkably.

Unlike the screw and scroll compressor which have constant compression ratio and not so efficient at variable real status, our compressor uses reed valves to ensure it always output the needed pressure.

Adjustable flow makes it possible to save energy at variable load.

Efficient sealing design makes it work efficiently.

Its simple and strong structure make it reliable and easy to be manufactured.

Here is a video of the prototype test:

How about our design tools? This time, a WORLD'S FIRST & FREE online psychrometric chart. A convenient, precise and powerful psychrometric chart & calculator tool for HVAC engineers.

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