Air Second Side Condenser Coil Design Calculation


Input Table
Quantity Value Unit
Refrigerant -
Refrigerant inlet flow rate kg/h
Refrigerant inlet temperature °C
Air inlet flow rate kg/h
Air inlet pressure bar
Air inlet temperature °C
Condensation starting temperature °C
Refrigerant outlet subcooling degree °C
Tube outer diameter mm
Tube wall thickness mm
Fin wall thickness mm
Fin spacing(LF) mm
Row tube spacing(DH) mm
Face tube spacing(DV) mm
Initial condenser width(LD) mm
Air inlet speed, 0=Ignore m/s
Arrangement,0=In-line; 1=Cross
Circuits number(NB)(<0:Absolute value as initial)
Rows(NL) along air flow
Tubes(NR) vertical to air flow per circuit
Fin style(0=Straight 1=Slot 2=Triangle wave 3=Sine wave)
Tube material(-1=See notes 0=Copper 1=Steel 2=Aluminum)
Fin material(-1=See notes 0=Aluminum 1=Copper 2=Steel)
In tube heat transfer enhancement
Out tube heat transfer enhancement
In tube pressure drop enlargement
Out tube pressure drop enlargement
Optimize object(0=Weight 1=Cost)
Tube cost cost/kg
Fin cost cost/kg
Tube material density kg/m3
Tube material conductivity W/(m⋅K)
Fin material density kg/m3
Fin material conductivity W/(m⋅K)
Output Table
Quantity Value Unit
Refrigerant outlet pressure 0 bar
Refrigerant outlet temperature 0 °C
Refrigerant outlet enthalpy 0 kJ/kg
Air outlet pressure 0 bar
Air outlet temperature 0 °C
Refrigerant mass flux 0 kg/(sqm⋅s)
Refrigerant inlet superheat degree 0 °C
Condensation ending temperature 0 °C
Refrigerant side flow resistance 0 Pa
Air side flow resistance 0 Pa
Condenser width 0 mm
Condenser thickness 0 mm
Condenser height 0 mm
Circuits number 0
Air velocity 0 m/s
Heat transfer 0 kW
Heat transfer area of refrigerant side 0 sqm
Heat transfer area of air side 0 sqm
Finned surface weighted efficiency 0 %
Heat transfer coefficient of gas section in tube 0 W/(m2⋅K)
Heat transfer coefficient of condensation in tube 0 W/(m2⋅K)
Heat transfer coefficient of liquid section in tube 0 W/(m2⋅K)
Heat transfer coefficient outside tube 0 W/(m2⋅K)
Average logarithmic mean temperature difference 0 °C
Length of superheat section 0 %
Length of condensation section 0 %
Length of subcooling section 0 %
Refrigerant weight 0 kg
Weight/cost (OB=0:Weight; 1:Cost) 0 kg/cost
1. Material cost: use your local currency such as $/kg
2. Tube and fin material: -1 = input physical properties at bottom
3. Circuits number set to less than 0 to be calculated by condenser
    width. The absolute number will be initial value