Rapid & Visual System Design/Modeling Platform

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ID Category Download
FlyCarpet Platform Full functional trial available
Latest version 1.1

Math Package Pre-packed in FlyCarpet
Math functions for both dynamic and static system

General Package Pre-packed in FlyCarpet
Basic components of dynamic system

Interactive Package Pre-packed in FlyCarpet
Interactive visual operation and data display for dynamic systems

DuctNet Package Full functional trial available
For static system design. Rapid, precise and powerful tool for duct system or piping system design, including many models for calculating flow resistance with viscosity correction, duct system performance calculation, fan, pump and duct selection.

Refrigeration Package Full functional trial available
For static system design and simulation. Rapid, precise and powerful tool for refrigeration system design and optimization, including 32 components for most kind of refrigeration systems.

You can use this package for:
HVAC and Refrigeration system design, air conditioning system design, cooling system design.
Compressor, heat exchanger, capillary and tube selection.
Heat exchanger design or coil design and sizing, Coil style includes tube-fin and tube-shell style. Refrigerant, air and liquid media. Coil type includes cooler, chiller, heater, condenser and evaporator. The air cooling models include water vapor condensation calculation
Complete system and HXs design at one time.

HXFinPlate Package
For static system design and simulation. Fin-Plate HX is kind of compact style and has advantage of light weight, usually used for aircraft. This package is designed for air, other gases, liquid and refrigerant, for air application it can calculate water condensation rate.

ECSOptim Package
For air vehicle Environmental Control System(ECS) design and optimization.


A FlyCarpet package is a collection of components. A FlyCarpet project can include multiple same state components.

  • Math

    General state, mathematical and logical functions.

  • General

    Dynamic state, general components for dynamic simulation.

  • Interactive

    Dynamic state, interactive components for dynamic simulation.

  • DuctNet

    Static state, duct network calculation.

  • Refrigeration

    Static state, refrigeration system design and optimization.

  • ECSOptim

    Static state, airplane Environmental Control System(ECS, or A/C system) design and optimization.

  • HXFinPlate

    Static state, Fin-Plate style heat exchangers design and simulation.

  • VacuumDesign

    Static state, steam eject steel furnace vacuum pump design and optimization.

Package developing tools

These tools are used to reduce developing time for package and its components so that developers can focus on the core component logic design.

  • FCPBuilder

    A fast package and components c++ code generating tool based on inputs, outputs settings and logic processing code.

  • MetaBuilder

    A specific metafile builder for FlyCarpet component.